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Our Clients Testimonials

Ramesh Gangoni

“I am an Indian living in Canada. Faisal has done my taxes for the past two years and I have been very happy with the results. He is easily and readily contactable and very good to work with. Highly recommended for others under tax burdens.”

Paolo Carinci

Faisal was surprisingly awesome at finding tax savings for me. Made the process extremely easy from my side. Very professional, everything was done on time, required only one meeting and a couple of follow up phone calls. I highly recommend Faisal for tax filings.

Bezawit Legesse

Faisal has guided me through some very complex federal and state cross border tax issues and has gone out of his way to ensure that my refunds were maximized. I would recommend Faisal to anyone seeking skill, service and professional courtesy.

Nasim Ahmed

I highly recommend Faisal as an International Tax Specialist. As a first time Expat, I had many questions and concerns relative to the Canadian tax rules. Faisal was very quick to respond to my many inquiries throughout the year, even when he was away on vacation, he would answer questions that came up. I was given a lot of improper advice by many colleagues within my company that if I had followed before checking with Faisal would have cost me a lot of money. Thankfully, Faisal was very swift and direct with his replies.

Benyham Tehsome

I’ve used Faisal Consulting services for years now, always highly satisfied with Faisal’s work. My tax filings and advice requests were always taken care of in timely manner and most importantly, Faisal always made sure all potential deductions were discussed and considered. As a non-US resident, I wanted a specialist and not just another ordinary tax service, and this is what you get with Faisal. I would highly recommend Faisal to anybody looking for outside-the-box thinking, reliable, personable and always reachable accounting, even if you don’t fall into the “several million dollar bonus” category. I would especially recommend Faisal to anybody dealing with non-US status, non-US income, non-standard deductions and other unordinary tax situations as he proved (year after year) to be a great service provider!

Kimmel Williams

I am a self-employed US citizen living abroad for several years. Faisal Mahmood (Tax Samaritan) prepared my overseas taxes, and helped me to file my FBARs. Faisal was honest, reliable, and very professional. There were many complex issues to sort out, with local tax codes and documents in another language. Faisal did a great job of interpreting this information and asking the right questions, which saved time on my end, as well. Faisal always seemed available and happy to help. I was very pleased with the services offered by Tax Samaritan and I will use them again for my future returns.”

Michael Ighovoyivwi

I have been a client of Faisal CPA since I moved to Canada in 2006. Faisal has helped me through a plethora issues over the years. He always gets back to me quickly with sensible advice. Faisal’s experience gives me confidence, which is exactly what you want in the firm you turn to for advice. I highly recommend Faisala’s tax services.

Sara Afsar

We have long-standing trust in Faisal’s services, responsiveness and problem solving. He is always willing to adapt, in real time, to our company’s changes and needs, such as locations, customers, business developments, and financial positions. The support we receive from him is invaluable. He take our efforts upon themselves, acting as if our company and financial developments are his own.

Stephanie Moise

Faisal is incredible. He is effective and efficient. I know he has a number of clients but I always feel like when he is working on my accounts I have his total focus. I would recommend him and this office to anyone.

Kim Richard​

FAISAL – I have to say I am a big believer in saying the positive when it is due. I want to thank you for your amazing support and care – it is so rare to get someone that is happy to teach people what to do – you recognized all the needs for the accounts and bookkeeping of a Convenience Store and have really helped me take ownership of my numbers – I have plenty of room for improvement but I have come a long way. Thank you for supporting my business needs – you have so positively added to our business – I think you are wonderful!

Ali Shah​

Faisal has provided our printing company with financial auditing services that have exceeded our expectations and he always presents us with advice that is timely and relevant to our business. His assistance and guidance on some complex accounting transactions, solidifying our internal control structure and the resulting opinions on our financial statements have been invaluable to our business success.


I was referred to Faisal for help with accounting matters in both my business and personal life by a very good friend and long-time owner of a successful company. Faisal has quickly proved himself to be trusting, experienced business adviser. He is friendly, caring, responsive, highly competent person who continually go the extra mile for me. I feel lucky to be Faisal’s client. Thank you for continually providing me with valuable business advice.

Khalifa Jabbar​

Faisal has been working for my Mechanic shop accounts ever since I started to file taxes. He can handle all of my personal and professional accounting needs as well as many of my family members.

Sabar Habeeb​

A friend referred me to Faisal when I started my own business several years ago. Over the years, he has always been there for me and helped me in so many ways, from simple advice to financial statement reviews to tax returns. I really appreciate the personal attention I receive. I have never even considered looking for another accountant.

Habib Zikria​

I have been affiliated with Faisal for many years and have consistently received valuable accounting and tax advice at a reasonable price. The breadth of services offered by Faisal is a great fit with our organization, and fills needs that we would otherwise have to fill ourselves. The timing of services provided is impressive and consistent.

Goran Manchev

I am sorry it has taken me this long to send a thank you, but I just wanted you all to know that there are some really great people that I come across and enjoy working with and then there are a few magical people that create an experience so great that I will never forget all they have done. Faisal is one those magical CPAs who make it all happen. I thank you so very much for the care you provide for my company and keep up the great work, you are creating magic in the accounting world.

Shabnam Alcozay

Faisal has done an outstanding job preparing taxes and organizing QuickBooks for my business. He was very diligent, attentive to detail and effective. He answered all my questions and gave me a lot of tips. Working with him was a real pleasure.

Leslie Ani

Faisal is by far the best CPA I have ever worked with. For starters, he is very easy to work with. He made my husband and me feel very comfortable going over our taxes. He answered all of our questions and educated us on areas we needed to pay more attention to. Faisal is thorough, knowledgeable and very reliable. I recommend Faisal to all my friends and colleagues!

Hamza Faruqi

Detail Oriented Paragon of Accounting – Faisal completed our tax returns on time, accurately and actually found two mistakes on two years of prior returns without being asked AND charged us less than our former accountant. We are thrilled with his communication, service and knowledge. I have been referring satisfied clients to Faisal for almost a year. I give Faisal an unqualified five out of five star rating.

Eva Vergara

I have known Faisal for a couple of years, and decided to hire him to do my taxes this year. I was impressed with his incredible attention to detail, responsiveness and follow-up. I had a couple of issues come up, and Faisal dealt with everything very professionally and eliminated my stress, and he made sure my return was correctly prepared and submitted on time. I will continue to use Faisal in the future and feel confident to refer any of my friends and clients to him, as I know they will be in good hands.

Giama Hussin Ali

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Faisal for over 7 years. Over this time, he’s not only been our accountant, but a senior-level resource to me in planning and managing my business. His ability to understand not only the data I’ve given him, but how this will affect my future business, stands out head and shoulders above the crowd. I could not imagine running my business without a rock solid partner like Faisal.

Nighat Butt

My experience with Faisal has always been pleasant and professional. Faisal has helped managed my taxes. maneuver through the ever-changing rules of the IRS and think out of the box in planning for the future. His response time is impeccable.

Marty Thiessen

I had a serious tax problem that I knew if not handled properly would cost me a lot of money. I found Faisal to help me out of this situation. Faisal had the expertise on how to properly package the information for CRA, in the correct legal manner that avoided a long drawn out expensive disaster. He was successful in dealing with CRA, put the matter to rest and saved me about a hundred thousand dollars of unnecessary tax. In today’s complex world CRA is your biggest creditor and if you don’t have the right protection, CRA will take an unfair share. All I can say is that if you have a tax problem, there is no better person to go than Faisal.

Carrie Lu

We had an issue with our corporate returns and some small business and personal tax returns. Faisal provided us a solution where preperation of financial statements (GIFI) G.S.T. returns was very easy for our book keeping staff and performed other corporate services in an efficient, affordable and effective manner. We are very happy with the services and help provided by Faisal


I trust that Faisal always thinks about my outcomes and positions me in the safest and most cost effective tax plan. He is a great guy. Even in challenging situations, he is a big asset!


Faisal have provided our trucking company with financial auditing services that have exceeded our expectations and he always present us with advice that is timely and relevant to our business. his opinions on our financial statements have been invaluable to our business success. I strongly recommend him.

Britt Craig​

Prompt, courteous, competent services with personal attention from Faisal. I am confident in his services, which is why there is longevity in this client relationship.

Salman Shah

I have a grocery Store and having some problem managing our accounts. Then I found Faisal. He has helped us establish business corporations and provide our bookkeeping, tax planning, financial statement and tax preparation services. He deliver high quality services in a timely manner. He know and understand our business. I would highly recommend Faisal.

Jerry Pike

My company has been working with Faisal for some years, to manage the preparation of our corporate financial statements, tax returns and bookkeeping, and on occasion, our personal tax returns, as well as consulting on the inevitable tax-related and accounting questions that come up from time to time. Our returns have always been done professionally, on time and with a high degree of accuracy and have always been accepted upon submission. The billing rates are affordable and competitive and he is courteous, friendly, knowledgeable, and display a high regard for customer service. We remain very pleased with our business relationship and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for professional accounting services.

Linda Barret

Faisal gave me back my peace of mind. My paycheck was levied for back taxes. He resolved my problem, got the levy lifted extremely quickly. He charge reasonable flat rate fees for his services. He counseled me many times by phone, immediately returned my emails, and made me feel I have a firm I can count on if I need more help in the future. I was really scared when I first contacted him, and his compassionate response was just what I needed. I recommend him without hesitation, he was a dream to work with and I feel very fortunate that I was referred to him.


While searching the internet I came across Accounting & Financial Services website. This webpage was packed with useful information that helped me gain confidence for my upcoming tax audit. My accountant, was clueless on most of the topics so I fired him and retained Accounting & Financial Services to assist me with the tax audit. All my questions and concerns were answered and dealt with and my financial records have never been so organized. The value of retaining Accounting & Financial Services to provide tax audit assistance far outweighs the price. Highly recommended. Thanks.

Martin Scott

I use the tax consulting and tax preparation services of Faisal (Accounting & Financial Services). As a new business owner, I don’t know what I’d do without Accounting & Financial Services. I’m able to speak with a consultant as many times as I need to for a small monthly fee. Two months ago, during the initial startup, I received several tax forms. I didn’t know which ones needed to be completed, which were optional, and which did not apply. Faisal walked me through each form, explaining its purpose and if it was necessary for me to file. It’s definitely a stress-saving service!

Zeeshan Ali

I am highly pleased with the quality of Faisal work and quality and consistency of performing that work. He has also provided additional research and services on various topics related to our audit in a very timely manner and keep us updated on changes related to business world. I would highly recommend Fasal to anyone seeking the services of a CPA.

Abdul Yaqub

In the restaurant business, you can get in trouble really fast. That’s the beauty of receiving weekly and monthly reports. They let you know where you are and where you should be – fast. it’s like a road map, making sure percentages are in line at all times. Plus, Faisal is extremely prompt and efficient. If there’s ever a problem, he’s quick to solve it. He make the restaurateur’s job a lot easier because you have a person standing behind you assisting with day-to-day situations. So you can use your time much more efficiently.

Dave Sampson

We have been very happy with the quick, efficient and personable bookkeeping service that Faisal has provided us with in the last year that we have known him. His interactions with us have exclusively been based around the betterment and overall success of our school business. His professionalism and knowledge with school businesses is extensive and he is always available to answer any financial related questions we may have at any time. Faisal is easily approachable and his overall demeanor is always helpful. We would gladly refer his services to all school owners.

Daniel Alexander

Faisal – My bookkeeper Angel is the most efficient, organized, knowledgeable, reliable bookkeeper that I have had since starting my Auto body shop. I am pretty picky to say the least and never have I had such faith and trust in a bookkeeper like I do with Faisal. Our business is expanding all the time and Faisal always gracefully handles any new task that is presented to him. I trust him and am happy be guided by him and I am forever grateful that he was recommended to me. Thank you Faisal…