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Our professional and certified accountants will work closely with you to meet your specific business and financial needs. When it comes to quality tax filing and bookkeeping services, Hadi Consultants Tax Experts brings new ways to analyze your unique situation in handling and saving your taxes legally.

Hadi Consultants

Individual & Corporate Accounting

Hadi Consultants Tax Experts in Mississauga, Ontario offers a wide range of bookkeeping and accountancy services for individual and corporate accounts. Our Certified Public Accountants provide well-organized accounting assistance, tailored to suit your specific requirements. Whether you need proper and timely tax filing services or corporate bookkeeping – Hadi Consultants Tax Experts keeps an eye on the details, giving you improved manageability of everything else.


Accountants & Tax Experts

Proudly serving Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Toronto and the GTA, Hadi Consultants Tax Experts provides professional accounting and financial services for individuals and corporations. Our certified accountants will work closely with you to ensure your specific needs are met so you can focus on managing what matters the most.

A Name You Can Trust

With continuous growth comes an ever expanding list of responsibilities and liabilities to take care of. This is where our specialization plays a crucial role. Our bookkeeping, accounting services and tax filings provide businesses and individuals with efficiency in operations and effective financial management. From HST and tax filing or assistance to payroll processing, our certified accountants will give you the helping hand you need to continue your success.

Professional & Dependable Accountants

When it comes to quality tax filing and bookkeeping services, Hadi Consultants Tax Experts brings new ways to analyze your unique situation in handling and saving your taxes legally.

Need help with accounts or taxes? Search no more.

We are members of Association of accountants, Chamber of certified accountants and Chamber of tax advisors. The company was founded in 1992 and originally it was designed for numerical modeling. More and more services were adding gradually and from 2002 the company is focusing exclusively to economical, fiscal and accounting services.

Since the foundation of 3G Consulting, more than 250 clients employed our services, from self-employed up to medium-sized companies.

From the occupational point of view our company does not have any limitations, we have experience in service for self-employed, catering establishment, hotels, shop keepers of various kinds of products, different services, manufacturing corporations, agriculture, health services and also artists.

We are of insured in case of corresponding risks connected with proffesional services.


Our clients say

We have over ten years of experience with top business professionals

Paolo Carinci

Faisal was surprisingly awesome at finding tax savings for me. Made the process extremely easy from my side. Very professional, everything was done on time, required only one meeting and a couple of follow up phone calls. I highly recommend Faisal for tax filings.

Kimmel Williams

I am a self-employed US citizen living abroad for several years. Faisal Mahmood (Tax Samaritan) prepared my overseas taxes, and helped me to file my FBARs. Faisal was honest, reliable, and very professional. There were many complex issues to sort out, with local tax codes and documents in another language. Faisal did a great job of interpreting this information and asking the right questions, which saved time on my end, as well. Faisal always seemed available and happy to help. I was very pleased with the services offered by Tax Samaritan and I will use them again for my future returns.

Benyham Tehsome

I’ve used Faisal Consulting services for years now, always highly satisfied with Faisal’s work. My tax filings and advice requests were always taken care of in timely manner and most importantly, Faisal always made sure all potential deductions were discussed and considered. As a non-US resident, I wanted a specialist and not just another ordinary tax service, and this is what you get with Faisal. I would highly recommend Faisal to anybody looking for outside-the-box thinking, reliable, personable and always reachable accounting, even if you don’t fall into the “several million dollar bonus” category.

Michael Ighovoyivwi

I have been a client of Faisal CPA since I moved to Canada in 2006. Faisal has helped me through a plethora issues over the years. He always gets back to me quickly with sensible advice. Faisal’s experience gives me confidence, which is exactly what you want in the firm you turn to for advice. I highly recommend Faisala’s tax services.